Heavy Metal Dancers

COMING SOON – Dokumentarischer Langfilm, D 2020 (In Produktion)

Dauer: ca. 90 min
Produktion: Elfenholz Film, HFF München

HEAVY METAL DANCERS is a documentary about Finnish pole sports – it is about accepting own imperfections and striving for perfection on stage. The dancers are Finnish but their stories universal. Their passion for an unusual sport let them come to terms with their bodies, lifes and their sometimes difficult past.


Henna Nurmi, Nita Saarenpää, Olavi Heino, Oona Kivelä, Tintti Mikkonen, Oona Antinjuntti


Buch & Regie – Gretta Sammalniemi
Produzent/Produktionsleitung – Natalie Hölzel, Sandra Hölzel
Kamera – Georg Nikolaus